CAF Mission Statement

Through dedication, customer satisfaction and the personal touch that comes from being a family owned business, we will strive daily to meet each and every shipping need for all of our valued customers. We will accomplish this by:

  • Personalizing our services to meet the customer’s special need.
  • Maintaining top quality equipment, as well as a very professional work environment.
  • Continue to maintain strong relationships with shippers throughout the world to enable us to provide the best service available.
  • To focus on localized companies as well as individuals within our service area who wish to maintain long-lasting business relationships.

CAF Vision Statement

The vision of Central Air Freight Services Inc is to become the preferred Air Cargo & Ground Freight carrier for parts of the Tri-State Area. *(see points list for complete delivery areas.)

  • Central Air Freight Services Inc will continue to grow and prosper in the transportation industry through more efficient means of transportation, while maintaining our high quality customer service.
  • Our primary focus is to thrive in all commercial aspects of the transportation industry by continuing to provide excellent service in the business to business pick-up and delivery areas, as well as in airport drops and recoveries.
  • We will expand our services to meet the ever growing needs of the industrial and commercial transportation industries.
  • To expand into the ever growing industry of internet specialty items. We can alleviate the known shipper dilemma by providing airport pick-up and door to door delivery for items purchased through the ever-growing internet market. We will strive in this area through our specialty services that are needed for any and all residential deliveries.

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