Introducing the CAF Driver Referral Program

For You


Raise per hour


Annual Bonus

The driver referral program is for current drivers employed at CAF. And a drivers joins the safety committee after the initial probationary period of 90 days, thereafter if he or she operates a commercial vehicle without any preventable accidents for one year. The driver will get a .25 cent raise to their hourly rate and an annual bonus of $225.00.

For Referrals

  • All drivers are home daily
  • All drivers are issued a company cell phone
  • All drivers are paid for safety meetings
  • CAF covers 92% of the employee cost for medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • Employer paid short and long-term disability coverage
  • Employer paid life insurance coverage
  • Paid vacation, sick and maternity/paternity leave
  • Employee 401(k) with an employer match of up to 4% of gross wages
  • Annual reimbursement for steel toe shoes/boots and pants for drivers and dock workers
  • Overtime paid after 40 hours
  • CAF supplies turkeys for everyone at thanksgiving